Along the Lakeshore: May 22

Carpenters Falls, Mr. Lemon, boat repairs

Whispering Winds Motel on Route 20 outside of the village of Skaneateles recently changed ownership.

Whispering Winds Motel on Route 20 outside of the village of Skaneateles recently changed ownership. Joe Genco

I thought that the Buffleheads had all finally gone north, but I saw three hens cruising around last week.

I recently saw a picture of Carpenters Falls taken on a sunny day around 10 a.m. The falls are white and the spray looks like a rainbow. There are hundreds of postcards and notecards featuring the falls, but this is the best I have ever seen and the mystery photographer is none other than retired village mayor Bob Greene.

Bob also reported that he saw bufflehead duckies in the cove at West Lake Street. They are supposed to be on the way to the boreal forests of Canada to nest in the trees. He has pictures of them and I’m looking forward to seeing them. He has also been stalking some wood ducks which have outstanding colors. I have mentioned before that I am absolutely awed by some of the waterfowl pictures in the Ducks Unlimited magazine.

Mr. Lemon is very laid-back these days, except early on a sunny day. There is a mob of crows in my area and at sunrise they make a really loud noise which stirs him up. Yesterday he was out and back three times prior to 7 a.m. My bed mate was about to dispatch him to the big shelter in the West, muttering “and furthermore, I never wanted a ninth dog.” She has never been an early riser and to be aroused three times prior to 7 a.m. was not to her liking. I just hop out and back into bed for Mr. Lemon. It’s something I do.

The boating season seems to be getting started. The Samuel Clyde is getting lots of new stuff, including a new outdrive. The old one got noisy at the end of last summer and it appears that I bent the prop shaft during my shipwreck, but it took three years for the noise to start. I should have taken the drive off and had it fixed at that time, because running it with a bent shaft made the whole thing junk and the only option was a brand-new one. Actually, the new ones now cost a lot less than repairs, as the parts and labor are expensive.

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