Fire siren is an annoyance


To my SFD friends:

I have read, with great interest, various local newspaper articles concerning the community fire siren.

Surely, the vast majority of Skaneateles residents would agree that our fire department does an outstanding job with fire control and are well-trained and professional in all phases of fire management. We are proud and fortunate for their existence and applaud them for their volunteer service and time offered. We do not need a community siren to remind us of that.

Whenever the fire department is called-out we hear the individual truck sirens and often see the response action and know that “our team” is on the way.

In regard to “peril and risk,” I believe that almost everyone is aware of what could happen during responding to a fire or accident. However, many choices of a career or volunteer work has a certain amount of risk involved.

Police; forest ranger; professional fishing boats, tree experts, oil rig operator and many other types of work are associated with peril and risk. Even volunteering for a “board position” in today’s unpredictable society, has its risk potential from a disturbed citizen who doesn’t agree with the person(s) serving on the board. We all are aware of the peril and risk factor in serving in military duty. None of the above have a need for a community siren to let people know that they are responding.

It is obvious that Mr. Hubbard felt that as mayor he had the authority to dismantle the community siren without publicly announcing his decision. Some believe that to het something done — just do it. Was it the right thing to do? You be the judge.

At an earlier time in history, for various reasons, the use of a community siren had a practical purpose. Now that we have reached the 21st century and technology that we never dreamed could exist is available, the siren has lost its community support.

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