Garage sale season is upon us


For the people who hold the garage sales, the mentality is usually: “I need to get rid of all this stuff I don’t use,” so the easiest way is to put it all out in their driveway and let people toss them a couple quarters or a few bucks to take it off their hands.

While I no longer regularly buy physical copies of new music and do most of my reading on a computer or Kindle, I will still peruse used movies, CDs and books if the price is right. A lightly used paperback book for 50 cents is worth the trouble, if you ask me.

The one item that I will be keeping an eye out for, as always, is hats. I have a modest collection of hats, mostly ball caps, and tend to pick up cheap ones and wear them until they are all worn out from sweat, dirt and sun.

Last summer I stopped at a garage sale with my Dad and the woman there was selling a big box full of old hats. I picked up an old blue and yellow Milwaukee Brewers hat for $1 and have been wearing it ever since (I’m not a Brewers fan, but it’s Sabres colors and I like their old logo).

Who knows what hidden treasures might be waiting for me in a $1 bin this year.

All I know is, this spring and summer I’ll be keeping an eye out along Route 5, Route 321 and in Skaneateles for garage sale signs. Hopefully I’ll find something good.

Joe Genco is the editor of the Skaneateles Press. He can be reached at editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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