Garage sale season is upon us


Since my office and residence are in Syracuse, I find myself making the 30-minute drive to Skaneateles about three or four times every week.

While I don’t mind having a little time to myself to listen to music or just collect my thoughts, the drive can be an inconvenience and I spend more money than I would like on gas.

However, with the arrival of warmer weather, I am looking forward to some potential stops along the way of that commute: garage sales.

I think my appreciation for garage sales comes from my parents. I remember being younger and getting annoyed when we would veer away from our weekend errands or activities to stop at garage sales.

Though once I got a little older, and had some money to spend, I wouldn’t just wait in the car and act bored, I would walk around and peruse the dirt cheap wares looking for something cool to take home.

If you go into my parents’ house today I’m sure they can tell you where most of their furniture and knick knacks came from: estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, artisans or even salvaged from the roadside (people throw away nice things all the time). It’s not that they are cheap, they just recognize the value and uniqueness that can be found by purchasing items secondhand.

Today, I am a regular visitor of thrift stores and always look on Craigslist first if I want to buy any appliances or furniture.

While Craigslist and eBay have taken a big share of the classified ad industry online, I think garage sales still have a charm that is impossible to replace. You can carefully inspect the items in person, talk to their previous owner, haggle on the price and walk away with your purchase with no strings attached or extra fees.

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