Manlius planning board wary of new developer’s changes to Madison Row

— “The stigma with a pickup window is that it’s noisy, there’s a lot of cars there, oil leaking and five people in line,” Lester said. “I work with McDonald’s on an extensive basis and this is absolutely the opposite. There will be rarely more than two cars in line. Prescriptions are prepared ahead of time so there isn’t a delay in preparing the prescription for pickup. There is no order point, you’ll just pull up, pick up your order and be done.”

However, the board members were wary of approving another pickup window after KeyBank, which was phase 1 of the Madison Row project, was allowed one. One of the strongest elements in the Village Code and in the Vision Manlius guidelines is the disapproval of drive throughs, especially those associated with banks, pharmacies and food service.

“This plan doesn’t seem consistent with the village’s comprehensive plan,” said planning board member John Urciuoli. “KeyBank was a give and take, and I believe in give and take. The KeyBank [drive through] was the give. Now there’s no take.”

Additionally, the board was skeptical about changing plans for the square footage that will be dedicated to apartment space. Originally, the plan was to have 16,000 square feet of retail and office space on the first floor and have 16,000 square feet on the second floor for additional retail and apartments. According to Lester, it is impossible to build a second floor over Kinney Drugs, which would most likely mean less space for apartments.

Kinney Drugs would be the fourth drugstore within the village of Manlius. While it doesn’t seem like the village has a need for it, Lester said that the big difference between Morgan Management and the previous developer is that Morgan actually has a tenant interested in coming to Manlius.

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