Column: Outside the (what?) box

The other insight came to me second hand, by way of my brother, when he was studying geology at St. Lawrence University. In observation of my flushing something down the toilet (was it kitty litter?), he pointed out that the worst place to try to dispose of anything was down the drain, i.e., in the water. Once in the water, someone would need to find a way to remove it in order for the water to be useable again. The perfect example of this is flushing used dental floss down the toilet. Once you’ve done that, how is the dental floss going to be removed from the water? Much better to dispose of it in the trash.

Now I have come full circle, which is how it often goes with me. Wasn’t that fun? Aren’t you glad you are not me, and have to go through this process every day? And, look here, I just wrote an article about it, Voila!

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