Whether fast or slow, change is the way of the world

— Village voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, June 18, at the Village Hall on Sycamore Street.

Have you seen the blue pouches and white plastic buckets attached to maple trees along Second Street near the corner of Hickory? That’s the work of village Renaissance man Joe Romano — sculptor, carpenter, winemaker, linebacker, husband, father and friend — who’s tapping sugar maples and silver maples for their sweet sap. Yes, add “sugarer” to that long list of Joe’s many talents.

“I tapped about 14 trees here in the village and a bunch more down in DeRuyter where I have a camp where I do the sugaring,” Joe said. The boiling process is time-consuming as the raw sap is evaporated so that the syrup achieves its desired consistency.

In all, Joe hopes to make 14 gallons of maple syrup, and he promises to share a quart with me. Stay tuned, and I’ll tell you how its tastes.

Except for an extended tour of duty in Vietnam some 40 years ago, Peter Green lived his whole life here in Liverpool. Pete died in his easy chair on Monday, March 11. He was 65 years old.

Peter was easily recognizable because he was a tall, robust man who walked with a distinct limp. A hail fellow, Peter was always friendly, a little on the loud side, but an invariably pleasant and personable conversationalist.

He worked as a coordinator of community habilitation for ARISE Child and Family Services. He was an avid fan of Syracuse University basketball, but when it came to baseball and football, Pete’s allegiances were in the Midwest. He rooted for baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals and football’s Chicago Bears.

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