Fayetteville-Manlius voters approve $10.5 million capital project proposal

Proposal passes with 727 voters approving it and 194 voting against it

— In 2013, the warranties expire on each section of roof slated to be replaced. Some of the areas are already experiencing water leaks. Rubber roofing will be used instead of the existing tar and stone material on the building roofs. Very few companies still use the tar and stone roofing material currently on F-M’s buildings because it is more expensive than rubber roofing. Working with hot tar materials is hazardous, and it is time consuming to install. It is also harder to find leaks when they occur.

Mott Road Heating System: $2,100,000

The building’s steam heating system will be replaced with a more efficient hot water system that will ultimately lower the district’s utility bills. Because the current system is antiquated, the district has a difficult time locating replacement parts to purchase when a repair is necessary. The 45-year-old steam boilers will also be replaced with hot water boilers. New ventilators will be installed throughout the building to circulate air. Compared to the existing units, they will increase the airflow and the amount of fresh air circulated through the building.

Mott Road Classroom Updates: $450,000

Classroom sinks need to be replaced to be in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Currently, students in wheelchairs would have a difficult time reaching the sink faucets because of cabinetry underneath the sinks. As the sinks are replaced, the cabinetry surrounding them will be replaced and updated. Shelving adjacent to the new ventilators that will be installed in the heating project will also need to be replaced as the old ventilators are removed.

Bleachers: $217,000

There often is a seating shortage for home sporting events at the high school athletic stadium. Home football games typically draw between 1,500 to 2,000 people. There is seating for 800. Not enough seating results in safety issues related to crowding on the grassy hills around the bleachers. Current seating capacity on the home side will double to 1,600 seats. Two sections will be added onto each end of the existing bleachers. The existing bleachers and ramps will remain, and there will be no changes to the existing press box.

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