A word of caution on the proposed sewer district


To the editor:

Regarding Jason Emerson's Jan. 30 Cazenovia Republican article, “Public Meeting on Proposed Sewer Districts”: My parents, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Hastie, received their copy of the Cazenovia Republican at their home in Palm Beach, Fla., and just asked me to remind you of a couple of facts.

Forty-seven years ago, the residents on Syosset Drive and hundreds of our neighbors to the northeast of the village of Cazenovia were all told the town was creating a sewer and water district. We were told the village could not afford to build a sewage treatment facility, so we were being taxed to pay for it. The Cazenovia Republican did a nice story on our plight a few years ago, and was told they town would not release the names of those residents, like us, who are paying a sewer and water tax — even though we have private septic tanks and wells (so I find it interesting that Town Attorney John Langey was quoted in Jason's article saying he has spoken to state officials repeatedly on this issue and state law says that only property owners who directly benefit from the system should be required to pay).

Ironically — I tried repeatedly to tell Langey this for years — suggesting that it might be time to stop taxing my family and my neighbors, and got nowhere. Ok, so I probably shouldn't have suggested they refund the millions of dollars they have collected from this illegal tax over the last 47 years.

Since that time, though we have tried to tap into the sewer and water lines and the town informed us that 1) we could not be added to the sewer system because it was operating over capacity (and could not handle storm water run-off); 2) we must continue to pay the sewer tax — even though we all have private septic tanks; 3) we could not buy water from the town, even though there is a three-inch pipe on Syosset — with a fire hydrant on our front lawn — because there is a village policy not to sell water to non-village residents.

I wrote the town supervisor and was told it was a county issue. I wrote the county and was told it was a town issue. I wrote Senator Valesky and was told it was a county issue. After the Cazenovia Republican was even given the run around, I gave up.

So, before anyone votes for a new sewer and water system along Cazenovia Lake, consider yourselves warned: we are still waiting on Syosset and it has been nearly 50 years!



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