LETTER: Vote Row A all the way

Candidate Bill Moran speaks out

To the editor:

My name is Bill Moran, and I am a Vision Party candidate for village trustee.

Many of you have come to know me from my working over 20 years at the original "What's Your Beef" restaurant next to the Swan Pond. My wife and I also owned and operated Shelly’s restaurant at Liberty Square. As a result, I have extensive experience in the food service industry, experience that continues to grow in my current position as beverage manager at the Cavalry Club.

I understand firsthand the relationship between what you as a business owner offer and what your customers want. If the match is good, your business prospers; if not, it fails. I think the same is true for elected officials and voters. If elected officials are focused on honoring the public trust and eager to discover and accommodate the wishes and desires of the voters, they succeed. If not, their tenure in office is short.

I believe Mayor Serafin and Vision Party trustees understand this and have worked hard to act on the wishes of the voters. If anything, they have probably been trying to do too much. They should be rewarded by being re-elected. Trustee candidates Paul Lane and I fully support continuing the tradition of soliciting voter input, understanding it, and acting in the best interests of the majority while respecting the opinions of the minority, consistent with the regulations and laws of the various levels of government.

I am also an honorary member of the Manlius Fire Department. I commend the service our career and volunteer fire fighters provide our village. But I also see the need to keep checks and balances between the mayor's office and the fire chief's office. Residents have shared with me they don't want to see the fire department get control the village. They see it as a fast track to a new fire house and the burden of increased taxes. I agree.

I know that the Mayor supports annual training for our fire fighters/EMTs, maintaining and upgrading of our equipment and following a replacement schedule for apparatus. This past year alone the village replaced the ladder and pumper trucks.

That is what saves lives and property.

On Election Day, March 19, please vote to re-elect Mayor Mark-Paul Serafin and Trustee Eric Krouse as well as to elect Paul Lane and Bill Moran for trustee. Vote Row A all the way!



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