LETTER: I must be crazy

Trustee Eric Krouse writes about his unexpected decision to run for re-election

To the editor:

I must be crazy to seek re-election for a third term as trustee for the Village of Manlius. I was asked to run the first time in an effort to elect a board more sensitive to the needs of the village. In 2009, I was re-elected for a second 4-term. I ran because there was still much unfinished work... on Vision Manlius... on budgets... on infrastructure. To top it off, we were in the middle of an economic downturn unprecedented since the Great Depression. The challenges have been many, yet by paying attention to the details and stretching our dollars, we have accomplished much.

Now its time for another election and I am sick about it. I did not plan to run again. Like the economy, it appeared things were finally coming together and I could focus my attention elsewhere. Unfortunately, like Washington, everyone is squabbling over perceived injustices instead of just working together for the betterment of the village. As a result I am running again to see this through. And yes, I am running on the same ticket as the current mayor, Mark-Paul Serafin.

Why run with Mayor Serafin? Because I believe the facts show that Mayor Serafin puts the Village. Let's review those facts accomplished during the 4 short years he has been mayor.

1) Elimination of annoying (and costly) trash stickers (which always fell off in cold weather anyway).

2) Doubling the size of Perry Springs Park through a long-term, no cost agreement with Fayetteville.

3) Creation of a small community park in the Early Village in lieu of an abandoned house.

4) Elimination of a sweetheart provision which was giving lifetime healthcare to former village trustees.

5) Blocking the untimely vote on a new fire station despite intense pressure to the contrary.

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