Along the Lakeshore: March 6

Predators on the lakeshore

I was standing on the lakeshore one day with my friend David Magee, a great upland bird shooter, and he said: “See those Canada Geese over on the other side of the lake, about 100 feet above the horizon?” “Sure, Dave, if you say so,” I replied. A minute or two later, there they were, hawking their westerly way over to Montezuma for a little companionship and to get the latest news. The Canada Geese are great talkers. They’ll drop in from New Jersey or the Delaware River and talk all night, then honk with great gusto when they take off on their journey north or out to the fields to feed.

Sometimes when they arrive from the north, I see most of them with their heads stuck under their wings and they appear to be sound asleep. However, there are always a few looking around for trouble and they can rouse the whole group and quickly be off the water with a great buzz of wing and noise. Nature is just nifty if you take a few minutes to connect the critters’ actions to the whole scheme of things.

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