Manlius village planning board rules Ironwood and Café 119 have adequate parking

— “When Ironwood and Café 119 came in, they did not change the buildings and therefore were not required to come before the planning board for site plan approval,” Miller said. “From time to time, the planning board has decided that parking within walking distance of a business is adequate parking.”

Ironwood owner John Freightenburgh isn’t concerned about the controversy with parking in the least, aside from letting the public know that there is alternative parking to Magley’s lot.

"I am required to have 13 parking spaces and there are 20 parking spaces right along the side of the restaurant on Wesley Street," Freightenburgh said. "There's also a municipal lot behind Pavone's. To me, it's just a matter of educating people about where it's safe to park."

Serafin stated at the meeting that the clerk's office has been looking into old planning board minutes to try to figure out what the parking agreement was when Magley's building, which houses businesses such as Lonsdale Salon and Feats of Clay, was constructed.

"There is language in there about municipal parking and how many spots the stores need," he said. "But we don't have anything in writing about a parking agreement-it's very perplexing that it's not as well documented as it should have been."

Miller later stated at the meeting that the village recognizes Magley's right to tow trespassers' vehicles from his own private property. Magley pinpointed the root of his actions to Manlius village officials and their choice to ignore the parking problems that have existed for years.

"For those that question Clancy-Magley's approach, I ask how they would react to their neighbors consistently parking on their property and blocking their driveways. While it may appear our approach was sudden, it was not. Parking problems have existed in the village for years, and village officials have consistently chosen to ignore them and made matters worse by not enforcing its own zoning codes, resulting in the need to act to protect my private property and the constant invasion of it," Magley said.

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