Vandalism affects whole community


This week the town of Skaneateles announced that it would be keeping the bathrooms at the Sims building in Austin Park locked “until further notice,” due to repeated acts of vandalism.

The person, or people, responsible for these acts has crossed a line and should be held accountable. These acts were childish, destructive and pointless.

The culprit who has struck in Austin Park has done so repeatedly and their actions have given the town no choice but to simply close the bathrooms to the public, thus inconveniencing the whole community for an extended period of time.

A vandal defacing public property is violating the law and should be held accountable, however that act does not typically have a lasting effect on the community. In most cases, a town or village employee would be tasked with fixing the problem and everything would be back to normal relatively quickly. For this incident, though, there is not a quick fix since the acts have occurred repeatedly. Thus the town felt that its only recourse was to close the bathrooms.

Now those bathrooms will be unavailable to people walking their dogs, playing baseball and softball and anyone who happens to be enjoying the park. They better hope that the YMCA or ice rink are open because there aren’t any other public bathrooms nearby.

If you have any information regarding local vandals please contact the local police by calling 685-3819.

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