Along the Lakeshore: June 26

Ducks, traffic issues, fruit trees

The mallard that sleeps on my small north dock is called King and his associated lady friend is Alice. She seems has been missing for the last week or so and I suspect she will appear soon with a mess of little duckies in tow.

Sunday, June, 9, a merganser hen was paddling around with some wee duckies following her. They were so small that they looked like little mice and they each had a private feather to hang on to so they would not be left behind. I will report from time to time as to the size and quantity. The sun was very bright and I could not determine exactly how many little duckies were hooked on to her.

There are lots of crosswalks in the village and town across Route 20, from Kwik Fill to the St. James’ Church crosswalk. The latter serves both churches and particularly the nursery school at St. James. Most crosswalks have a significant yellow sign in the street and most are painted in bright white paint. The ones done by the New York State Department of Transportation appear to be a long-lasting plastic application, but, apparently, the one at St. James’ was painted with disappearing paint. The nursery school will be closed by the time it gets painted again. The sign helps, but it seems to come and go and it also gets grief from collisions with turning vehicles.

My next hot point is the apparent increase of garbage haulers through Skaneateles. Some traffic check has been instituted and many choose the scenic route to avoid an inspection on the fly. Happy days ahead. If Route 81 through Syracuse is closed, garbage trucks are not going to take 481 east, then turn north, then back west to get to exit 39 and Waterloo on the New York State Thruway. Trucks of all types will zoom through Skaneateles.

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