Village of Skaneateles addresses code violations

The village of Skaneateles is doing what it can to address code violations such as property maintenance, illegal sign hanging and property encroachment.

Village Code Enforcement Officer Adam D’Amico reported to the village board at its June 13 meeting that the owner of 62 West Elizabeth St. has hired a landscaping crew to mow the lawn at regular intervals.

The board had scheduled a public hearing for the meeting at its May 23 meeting to address the violation, though it was no longer necessary.

D’Amico said that the owner fixed the problem after he and village attorney Michael Bryne both sent letters to the owner about the violation. Village code states that property owners must mow their lawns at least twice per month.

Code violations at residences can be investigated by the village if it receives a written complaint.

“Properties in the village by and large are very well kept and we appreciate and respect the ones who do keep their properties well kept, but unfortunately we do have a few delinquencies and I think it’s fair to say they are not isolated to West Elizabeth Street,” Mayor Marty Hubbard said.

D’Amico also reported that many residents have been illegally hanging signs on public property. Village code forbids anyone from hanging signs, flyers or ribbons on any trees, utility poles or street lights that are on public property.

Trustees added that many of the illegally hung signs are also left up long after the garage sale or event is over with and become litter.

The board also approved $500 for a survey to be done, if necessary, to establish the actual property border between the new village hall and the property owned by Ron Patulski. The village believes that Patulski’s parking lot encroaches on village property and wants to take action to reclaim that space before finalizing the parking lot and landscaping for the new village hall.

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