Keep Salina beautiful by following town codes

— If you have any questions about fire safety, please contact the Salina fire marshal at 451-0492, or email ecusato@salina.ny.us.

As you may be aware, basketball hoops are available in a number of types, including in-ground hoops with a concrete base and portable basketball hoops that can be moved and stored. The portable basketball hoops are pieces of movable equipment that can be used either indoors or outdoors. A portable basketball hoop usually consists of a pole, acrylic backboard, brace and a base filled with sand or water.

Portable basketball hoops are not permitted to be stored or used on public streets in the town of Salina. These hoops not only present a hazard for those playing basketball in the road, it poses danger to motorists trying to navigate the road and the people around it. If you happen to have a portable basketball hoop on the street, the following is likely happen:

A written complaint will be received by the Salina Codes Department.

An Order to Remedy the Violation will be sent to the property owner by certified and regular mail. (This is the only notice the property owner will receive.)

The property owner will be asked to move the portable basketball hoop 15 feet back from the edge of the road.

If this is not done, the Salina Highway Department will come and remove the portable basketball hoop and it will be destroyed.

For everyone’s safety, we hope that the town of Salina is not called upon to investigate the use of portable basketball hoops in the street. So, please, let’s play it safe, and keep our hoops off the streets.

As always, the town of Salina website can explain some of these issues in more detail and it is also a great resource for our residents. You can find us online at salina.ny.us. You can also look us up on twitter (@townofsalina) and Facebook (townofsalina). Please know that I am always available if you have questions or concerns on these or other topics.You may stop by my office, call me at 457-6661 or email me at supervisor@salina.ny.us.

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