Immediate Mail Services company unfurls the biggest U.S. flag in Liverpool

IMS in Liverpool flies this huge flag outside its offices as a show of patriotism.

IMS in Liverpool flies this huge flag outside its offices as a show of patriotism.

— Illuminated at night, the mammoth flag flies 24-hours-a-day, 365 days of the year from a tall flagpole in front of the company building on Commerce Boulevard, just north of the Thruway, between Vine and Tulip streets. Manufactured by Valley Forge Flag Co. of Wyomissing, Penn., such massive flags retail for approximately $1,400.

“We fly all-weather flags,” Mashia said, “one specific for the winter and one for the summer.”

The enormous flag is the brainchild of IMS’s current chairman and CEO, Lee Vanderpool. About five years ago, he decided to fly the flag in front of the building and up it went in June 2009.

“He wanted it to be something special,” Mashia said. “He wanted a flag that would not be missed and one that would inspire a positive reaction from the community. Once he shared his idea, it created a tremendous amount of excitement within our organization. Lee has an amazing sense of patriotism.”

Patriotism is important to the IMS business philosophy.

“We believe in the American dream and do our best to provide an environment for our employees to grow and be successful,” Mashia said. “We’re very lucky to have great employees who bring their very best to our organization on a daily basis. We’re a service organization, and this attitude translates into how we produce our product offerings and how we take care of our clients. Our team always has a ‘go above and beyond attitude’ when it comes to our customers.”

Many of those employees have served in the US military in conflicts ranging from World War II to Afghanistan.

Founded in 1986 as a pioneer in the presort mail industry, IMS has grown into a multi-channel communications leader, a fully integrated service-provider of print, electronic and mail communications which aim to lower costs, increase effectiveness and simplify operations for its customers. But the giant flag is not only for employees and customers; it’s also for the community.

“Over the years we’ve received numerous phone calls and handwritten notes from both veterans and other citizens thanking us for flying the flag,” Mashia said. “Hearing this positive feedback from the community makes it all worth it.”

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