Readers voice opinions on capital project, village issues

Letters to the editor from June 5 issue

Missteps by village government

To the editor:

As Tim Green would say, nepotism is OK if you keep it in the family. Our part-time police chief is in a bind and had to hire his secretary’s daughter to move his office 15 feet south into the new village offices.

According to reliable sources, this matter was discussed earlier in the year and the consensus was to keep costs down and do it without hiring anyone. At the last minute things changed. Why? It’s always about the money and yet certain people who can find a way. Right? And then there’s the coincidence of who was hired to help him move. Let’s put this in perspective. Why does this part-time chief have to have a full-time car? How many part-time small town police chiefs are double dipping to get a free car? Don’t raise our taxes, cut services and then pull this.

I’m still waiting to hear the fire siren. I guess Marty hasn’t decided what to do with that mess yet. Rest assured his constituents will be the last to know.

Julian Corsello


A neglected house

To the editor:

I guess the owner doesn’t care,

That cars slow down then stop and stare,

At flaking paint, a hidden door behind some bushes,

And there’s more!

The grass! It stands at three feet tall!

Don’t think a mower could make it fall!

Where is this mess you’ll probably say?

With grass that’s grown as high as hay?

West Elizabeth is your clue,

If you wish to take a view.

We neighbors see it every day

Our wish? That it would go away!!

Do you think this expose

Will prompt some clean up?

I dare say ... a little paint would be nice too

Instead of red and white and blue.

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