LETTER: Zambrano doesn’t deserve credit for Cicero’s growth

— To the editor:

After reading Jessica Zambrano’s June 17 letter, in which she claims credit for several businesses and housing projects in the town of Cicero, I had to pinch my arm, slap my face and pour water over my head to see if I was dreaming.

Realizing I was not, I concluded that it was Councilor Zambrano who was fantasizing about her accomplishments and importance.

Councilor Zambrano’s use of the term “deputy supervisor” is disingenuous. It is true she is Cicero’s deputy supervisor, but, by law, that non-elected post requires nothing more than being on hand to sign town checks and run town board meetings in the supervisor’s absence. It includes no administrative duties and, if the town supervisor resigns or cannot carry out his duties, the deputy supervisor does not automatically become supervisor. The town supervisor can appoint anyone to serve as deputy supervisor. In the past, the position has been held by secretaries, political allies and zoning officials.

If Councilor Zambrano has indeed taken on additional duties under her deputy supervisor title, it is with the approval of the town supervisor and perhaps is an indication of his inability to administer and fulfill the job to which the voters elected him.

Councilor Zambrano’s lengthy list of self-claimed economic accomplishments is as remarkable as a magician’s act, impressive but not real.

Many of the projects, including the Loretto nursing home, Aldi’s grocery store and Lyon’s Runne and Tocco Villagio housing developments did not suddenly appear in the last year and a half as Councilor Zambrano claims. These projects were in the works years ago and long before she was elected to the town board. After the economy collapsed, these projects were put on hold by their developers who said they would renew them when the economy improved.

Others, including McDonald’s and Aspen Dental, involve companies that were already in town and are merely moving to new locations. Neither a gain or a loss for Cicero.

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