LETTER: Salina needs to stop holding cats for ransom

— Why on earth are residents of Salina complaining about someone who is performing a humane solution to the stray cat issue? Why are they condemning cats for being homeless because of irresponsible owners? The lady on Thomas Avenue did not abandon the cats. She did not get a cute kitten and abandon it when it was no longer cute; she did not get a free kitten/cat and abandon it when it needed to be spayed or neutered; she did not move and leave her cats behind. Do you think the cats want to be homeless, scared, and hungry?

Homeless cats are a community problem, yet it sounds like Barb is the only one stepping up in her neighborhood. Instead of complaining, put your energies into stopping the real culprit: those who abandon animals! That is considered animal cruelty, yet that law is not enforced.



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