LETTER: Salina needs to stop holding cats for ransom

— To the editor:

I am just amazed and dismayed at Salina’s solution to residents’ complaints about cats — owned or homeless. The town’s only solution is to trap and take cats to the SPCA where the cats are either euthanized or held for “ransom.”

Regarding the complaint about stray cats on Thomas Avenue and their caretaker, Barb, when was the last reported case of anyone getting rabies from a cat in the town of Salina? Those who have been rescuing/trapping stray cats for years in many different areas and been bitten and scratched by a frightened cat have never contracted rabies. When was the last reported case of a child going blind from toxoplasmosis in Salina? I clean litter boxes every day and have never contracted toxoplasmosis. Barb, who practices TNR (trap, neuter, release), spends her own money to do so. Cats are spayed and/or neutered, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and an ear is clipped to show this was done. TNR is the only proven method that reduces the stray cat population, and it helps prevent disease among the cats. Barb, along with anyone else who performs TNR, has been doing her neighbors a great service for free.

I know people who live in Salina and they have never gotten a letter from the town warning that the dog control officer is going to be in their area, but she was. She indiscriminately traps homeless as well as owned cats. Have you ever loved a pet? Do you think it is right that someone's pet is trapped and taken to the SPCA where there is a good chance it will be euthanized if it acts “mean”? If you were trapped and scared to death, how would you act? And, if the owner is lucky enough to learn that their cat is at the SPCA, he/she has to pay $170! That is extortion. I guess it is a way for the town to make money — go trap cats.

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