Another trip to Oak Hill

Week-long coverage of PGA Championship can be found here

I had the privilege of attending the 2003 PGA. It’s stunning to see the amount of infrastructure involved in an event like this, from building pavilions, installing hundreds of miles of wires for media and TV, erecting grandstands, roping off the fairways and thousands of other tasks, and much of the work done by hundreds of volunteers.

Now I’m going back, and you will be able to follow the entire story of the week.

Beginning on Monday, there will be daily reports from Oak Hill on PGA week at our web site, eaglenewsonline.com. Here’s what to expect:

  • Monday will offer a tour of Oak Hill itself, hole by hole. What you will be struck by is the variety the course throws at you, short and long par-3s and 4s and two very interesting par-5s, including one never reached in two in competition…until now?
  • Tuesday features stories on the main contenders. Tiger Woods is there, yes, but we’re not going to short-change the other big names and big stories, either, because there are bunches of them going into the last major of 2013.
  • Wednesday will provide a story on the big events that have taken place at Oak Hill through the decades, a history largely celebrated on the course’s “Hill of Fame”, a natural amphitheater surrounding the 13th green.
  • Then it’s tournament time! Every day will feature in-depth reports on what happened, the low rounds, the key shots, the miracles, the blow-ups and blunders, etc. From the first tee shot early Thursday morning until the awarding of the Wanamaker Trophy (hopefully) on Sunday evening, we’ll cover it.

Don’t forget about the tweets. If you are so technologically inclined, go to Twitter, find my feed (@blackwell_phil) and you will find, throughout the week, entirely too many updates, quotes, tidbits and other musings about a week spent with most of the world’s best golfers. By the time it’s done, you’ll wish me back on the high school sports fields. Don’t worry, all in good time.

And lest you think I have it spoiled during the week, getting comp meals and access to sports superstars and ridiculous amounts of technology and data….well, yes, except that my parents, brother, sister-in-law and two nieces are vacationing in Hawaii at the same time. Compare and contrast as you would please.

It will be lots of hard work and long hours, for sure. But it will also be immense fun to provide you with an inside glimpse at Oak Hill, and the PGA Championship.

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