Summer means live music


I’ve come to realize that in the past few years my favorite part about summer is going to see live music.

I find live music to be an experience that is fully engrossing and impossible to replicate. Going to sporting events can be awesome for the electric atmosphere, but it’s much easier to follow the action and be able to see everything on a TV back home sitting on the couch. Plus, in the event that your team loses, you leave the game with a let-down, a low note.

The watching at home comment is also true for movies, plus I don’t see why going to see a movie is thought of as a date or social activity, you spend the majority of the time watching the screen without talking to or even looking at your companions.

But with concerts (and though it isn’t my thing, also with theater), you are seeing a unique performance being given. Even if a band does essentially the same set list every stop on a tour, you never know what quirks or what audience reactions will make the show you attend unique.

I have been to shows of most genres (I have tried, but I can’t get into country) and I think that the best performances can come from anyone.

This past May I saw Ghostface Killah, a member of the New York hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, perform at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse. While many rappers simply get up on stage and recite their lyrics over the instrumentals from the album, this show was a something special.

Ghostface presented a live recreation of his recent hip hop-opera album “12 Reasons to Die” -- a Quentin Tarrantino-like mafia story of betrayal and revenge. He was supported by a great live band led by album producer Adrian Younge and the show also featured costumes, props and narration to tell the story of the album, while mixing in some classic Wu-Tang songs too.

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