LETTER: TNR is successful enough for this resident

— To the editor:

A reply to this article:

  1. TNR never claims to completely eliminate feral cats. It is impossible. If you killed every cat in America and missed one male and one female, it would take about a decade to get back up to 90 million. Cats are very fertile creatures. Trying to get the population down by "removing" them is doomed to failure. It is a war we cannot win.
  2. The author seems upset that the colony was attracting fertile cats. That's the point. If you don't lure them in, you can't catch them and sterilize them.
  3. So using the article's own words, "32 cats showed up at the food bowl spontaneously. All but seven were relocated." That appears to be a 78 percent reduction in feral cat population. The town of Salina did not have to spend one thin dime to do this. That is cost-effective, if you ask me.
  4. Cats do carry diseases, but not as many diseases as the rats, mice, moles and other vermin that they hunt and eat. So, you can remove the food source that people provide, but you cannot remove the vermin. The cats were surviving just fine without the free food. Apparently to the amount of 32 cats.
  5. I live near a maintained Feral Colony and I've never had any problems from any cats.

The bottom line is, TNR has reduced the number of cats in my town. It was done for free without costing taxes. From reading the article, you would prefer we hired someone to hunt them down and kill them. (By the way, where do you think they are "removed" to? You know they are killed, right?) Since that person will never successfully kill them all, you want to keep draining the town of Salina's coffers to fuel your hypochondria-fueled phobia of cats. I, on the other hand, believe in small government. Less taxes, and less spending. Since people in the community are willing to handle this problem out of the kindness of their hearts, God bless them and power to the private sector.

This is simply none of the town of Salina's concern.

However, if you have a solution that is cheaper than free and has a better than 78 percent success rate, please, do share. I'm always open to solutions, but very rarely to complaints. Especially complaints that want to spend my taxes.



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