Skaneateles restaurant gets a new name

Joe’s Pasta Garage changed to The Garage

Jamie and Kristin Hunt the owners of The Garage, formerly Joe’s Pasta Garage, in Skaneateles.

Jamie and Kristin Hunt the owners of The Garage, formerly Joe’s Pasta Garage, in Skaneateles. Joe Genco

In the nine years since Jamie and Kristin Hunt bought and took over Joe’s Pasta Garage on Jordan Street in Skaneateles, the name had become a misnomer – and they decided to do something about it.

On June 28, new signs were put up on the exterior of the building displaying their new name: The Garage.

The original name made sense at the time, the original owner of the restaurant was named Joe and the focus of the menu used to be pasta dishes, including a make-your-own pasta dish.

But the original Joe is no longer a part of the business, which often led to confusion and misconceptions with customers. Jamie said that people would often mistakenly call him Joe or people would call or come in and ask to speak with Joe, whom they assumed was the owner.

Also, Jamie and Kristin heard from people that having the word “pasta” in the name made them think that it was an authentic Italian restaurant or that they only served pasta dishes, which is not true.

“The original concept was that it would an Italian, pasta place, but over the course of time it just doesn’t fit who we really are, we’re not just Italian and pasta,” Kristin said.

Jamie described the dishes available at The Garage as American not Italian. Menu items include pasta, seafood, sandwiches and pizza. In keeping of the idea of American cuisine, the majority of the ingredients used for the food come from local sources. The meat, produce and even beer and wine served in The Garage all come from within 100 miles of Skaneateles, Jamie said.

One of the most popular items on the menu is their pizza made with gluten-free dough. They have received so much positive response to the gluten-free pizza that it now comes with a guarantee on the menu. If anyone finds a gluten-free pizza they prefer at another restaurant within 20 miles, they will buy it for them, Jamie said.

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