TNR is not the best answer for Salina cat problem

— The fact is, many organizations are against TNR including The Wildlife Society, International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the Association of Avian/Wildlife Veterinarians, the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians and the National Audubon Society. Even PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, sometimes seen as being extreme in regard to animal health and safety — sees TNR as not in the cats’ best interest and euthanasia as a more humane solution to unadoptable feral cat populations.

The process of the town’s feral cat trapping was also misrepresented. When trapping begins, Animal Control sends a letter to surrounding residents informing them of the trapping and not only asking cat owners to keep their cats safely indoors during the trapping but telling them to contact Animal Control or the SPCA should their cats end up missing during that time. I saw firsthand our amazing Animal Control officers go door-to-door to find the owners of what was clearly a pet cat. Every attempt will be made to find the owner, contrary to what Ms. Young accuses.

Ms. Young is absolutely correct in one thing: We are trying to remove these feral cats from our area because the safety of our children is more important to us than a wild population of cats who could be rife with disease and a danger to our kids and our community. We are not, however, in denial that there are other possible solutions; on the contrary, intensive research has simply shown that those solutions are costly and impractical and just as ineffective as Ms. Young claims ours to be. So if given the choice, we’d much rather attempt to remove the cats for good with the supposed $150 our taxes have already paid than to pay those taxes anyway, neuter for $75 per cat and return them to continue to foul our properties and risk our families’ health and safety. That is not an act of delusion; that is an act of common sense.

Joel and Michelle Banyai live in the town of Salina.

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