“We have to do something or else we will lose the village”

Future of East Syracuse is up in the air; plans being made to save the village

— Ment said that if the police department was abolished and the residents would have to start paying DeWitt for service, it’s more than likely that even though their town taxes would rise slightly, their village taxes would decrease by hundreds of dollars.

Kerry Mannion, Deputy Supervisor for the Town of DeWitt, has heard about the petition and said that DeWitt would most likely have to hire a few more officers if it became responsible for patrolling East Syracuse. The final tax rate for the village and the town would depend on the agreed upon number of new officers hired. He also said that DeWitt is willing to work with whatever the village of East Syracuse ultimately decides it wants to do.

“We’d all sit down together with a clean slate – I think everybody has a better understanding of the numbers involved after last fall,” Mannion said. “And we’d put together a plan that is best for the village residents and that the town residents feel comfortable with as well. We want what’s best for the village of East Syracuse that works for all residents.”

Members of the PAC are also trying to raise enough money to purchase signs and hand out literature to educate the residents about the relief the abolishment could bring to their wallets.

“We need to do something now to nip the increasing costs in the bud,” Ment said. “We have to make a decision and do something new to correct this trend or the village won’t exist in five years.”

East Syracuse Police Chief Donald Morris has also heard about the petition, but isn’t particularly fazed by the talk that’s been going on.

“I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, but I’d be disappointed if the police department was abolished, especially since we went through this a short time ago,” Morris said. “I don’t think there are too many agencies within the county that have been under this type of duress from within. The officers have no problem working the streets – sometimes it’s the surprises that come from the government itself that are more overwhelming.”

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