Along the Lakeshore: July 3

Air conditioning, duck hunting, obstructing the lake view

I am very concerned about the threat to lake views. I thought that they were protected by our zoning rules. However, that was changed by someone who had legal talent readily available and the planning board doesn’t have funds to defend their regulations in court.

There is a significant subdivision proposed in my neighborhood which will probably lead to continuous construction, with runoff into the lake, noise, and dirt. It has been relatively quiet since early in the 21st century and any housing construction on the steep slope of the hayfield adjoining Fire Lane 17 will change the whole view from 41A. Three years ago, the field was ringed with fast-growing spruce trees which will start to impinge on the view by this fall or next spring.

It is important that concerned folks fill the town office when a smooth-talking lawyer reassures the planning board that a ravine-traversing bridge will not disturb the environment on either side of said ravine. In fact, it might be useful for the public to raise funds to enable various boards to have the ability to go to court and challenge some of the preposterous proposals that threaten the rural agricultural outlooks and neighborhoods. We must ensure there are always enough dedicated folks in the hall to the give the planning board confidence that they have a concerned public backing them up.

Joseph Spalding is a long-time Skaneateles resident who enjoys sharing his observations about the Skaneateles lakeshore and community. He can be reached at 685-6937.

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