Along the Lakeshore: July 3

Air conditioning, duck hunting, obstructing the lake view

Wow! There has been so much rain, my dock is almost submerged. The heat machine also sure turned it up on Sunday and Monday.

When I built my house, I installed air conditioning, but never intended to use it much. Big miscalculation. Despite being on the lakeshore, on a real hot day the circulation of air passes over my roost and hits the lake about 500 yards from shore, cooling nicely and making all those on the east shore comfy on their porches. The trusty old A.C. does a good job, though, and I just hole up out of the sun.

Being of English and Irish extraction, I have been a client of dermatologists for a long time. Several of my friends have left this world with melanoma so I have been inspected regularly for suspicious skin imperfections. I have had a lot of possible pre-spots frozen and one that was positive for a cancer growth. My first doctor was also concerned that I was destined to have a W.C. Fields big old red nose. So far, it hasn’t happened and I guess I did not feed it with the right amount of juice.

I thought I was going to have enough beach to put my rowboat on it this summer, as the shale had accumulated a bit this winter when the water was low. It is much easier for a rickety person to get into a boat on the beach rather than stepping down into a bobbing boat. However, the extra high water has dashed my hopes.

Mme. Merganser is still tooling around with her charges. They were stretched out enough to count and there were 10 little ‘gansers.

Eric Pitman presented lots and lots of duck decoys at the Museum on Tuesday night. He is a very active collector and had some decoys of great value on display. His brother Chris is the source of most of my knowledge of the ducks that haunt Bentley Cove. He hunted here for years during the season and banded ducks until the fishing season started in late March.

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