Help keep the Cazenovia tradition alive


To the editor:

The Academic Decathlon season is about to start, the topic this year, World War I. The Cazenovia Academic Decathlon team is rested, ready and excited for this theme after the challenge of last season’s theme, Russia. However, returning home from nationals in Minneapolis, Minn., placing 35th out of 53 schools across the country and in the UK, achieving personal bests as well as winning a medal, the decathletes felt it all worth it.

As the new season approaches, the academic decathlon team awaits news of their team’s budget. Due to the economy, the team is finding that coming up with the funds for competition next to impossible. The students have started raising money by doing events like the “Mother’s Day Basket Raffle” and by selling “Caz Lakers” car decals as well as other several projects, but the students are finding that without help from the school and the community competing next year will not be possible. In fact, the team faces the serious threat of no longer existing!

However, the students take some reassurance in Mr. Dubik’s promise that the school board is not going to cut the team. Cazenovia has so much to be proud of, especially in our high school’s achievements. We are state champions in field hockey, lacrosse and ice hockey; track and football as well as many other sports have become Section III champs.

Being in the stands at any of these games you can feel the buzz of excitement and your adrenaline rises as though you are the athlete on the field. This feeling I get every time I compete at an academic decathlon competition.

Now while our sports and other various clubs are something to be proud of, so is the academic decathlon team who has won states eight times and went on to compete at nationals across the country. In order for this team to thrive we need help from the community, help keep this Cazenovia tradition alive!



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