Guest commentary: Information about proposed town sewer project


Cost estimates

The engineer’s preliminary cost estimates for the NE Lake District project are $2.6 million for sewers, and $1.7 million for water. If the combined water and sewer projects are financed at 3 percent interest, Mr. Dunkle estimated that it will cost each property owner approximately $160 per month (for the 20-year financing option), or approximately $120 per month (for the 30-year financing option). For those 28 properties already on sewers, the cost for water is estimated to be approximately $60 per month for 20 years, or $45 per month for 30 years.

In addition, home owners will be responsible for connecting their existing sewer and water plumbing to the new services. The district will supply and install up to 100 feet of the sewer service line into each property as well as install the sewer pump and pump station at the most desirable location. The property owners will then be responsible for disconnecting existing plumbing and re-routing it to the installed pump station.

Cost estimates have been previously given that range from $1,500 to $10,000. If the home is located within 100 feet of the street where the sewer line will be installed, these costs should be on the lower end of the estimate range. If public water is part of the project, the district will provide a three-quarter-inch or one-inch water service and shutoff valve at the edge of the street for each property. The homeowner would be responsible for disconnecting the well plumbing and installing the piping and connection to the service at the street.

These costs will also vary significantly for each property; estimates range from $500 to $5,000. Wells must be disconnected from any public water supply. Septic systems should also be filled in to prevent future collapse. These would also be the responsibility of each homeowner.

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