Bruce Coville brings a taste of fantasy to the JCC

Local author brings audio books to life with cast of actors

Lauren Schug, 21, chats with Coville after waiting for 45 minutes to get her books signed

Lauren Schug, 21, chats with Coville after waiting for 45 minutes to get her books signed Allie Wenner

— “Two years and 400 pages later, it was my first book” he said. “It was a terrible book, but I had a fun time writing it!”

Coville has remained in the Syracuse area for most of his life, and says his connection to the community and family ties are the reasons he just doesn’t want to be anywhere else.

“I am very deeply rooted in this community. There’s something very wonderful for me being in a city the size of Syracuse. In New York City you trip over children’s book authors on the street corners. Here, I have a good position and get to do a lot of different things.”

When Coville started Full Cast Audio back in 2001, it was indeed very different than other audio book companies. Coville explained that the recording his company does is rare because they use a variety of actors to act out different characters instead of having just one voice tell the story. He and his actors read the exact text, omitting only “he said” and “she said.”

Coville said he loves the company simply because it combines everything he loves about audio books into one big project.

“I love children’s literature, I love performing. I love directing, and I love being read to. Everything I love comes together in audio books” he explained.

Looking ahead to the future, Coville says he sees CD audio books becoming obsolete- “people will likely be listening on their tablets. CDs will disappear.” But he doesn’t feel the same way about books.

“I don’t believe books will disappear as a physical object. People love the feeling of books in their hands” he said.

For now, Coville is working on a major rewrite for a currently unnamed sequel to Goblins in the Castle, which was published 20 years ago and getting ready for a trip to speak in Africa. For more information on Coville and his books, visit brucecoville.com.

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