Village Edge South planning review moves forward

— —The building footprint cap of 3,500 square feet in the existing regulations is a “significant flaw” and should be changed to adopt a formula allowing larger building sizes with proportional increases in lot size and open space as a trade-off. A maximum footprint in the range of 20,000 to 25,000 square feet is suggested;

—An enhanced conservation analysis process should be put in place to help preserve and optimize the area’s numerous desirable natural features;

—VES should be viewed as two distinct zones versus one as it is currently, because the northern zone near Route 20 is more applicable to commercial development while the southern zone is more applicable to residential;

—“Form over function” should be a guiding principle to maximize economic development options while preserving character and village gateway aesthetics;

—Opportunities to plan the whole zone or significant portions thereof comprehensively should be pursued;

—Protection of the aquifer is a paramount concern for this zone.

“This is a four-step process and this is Step 2,” Wheeler said. The next step, after board approval of the committee recommendations would be to hire outside experts to assist the village in modifying the VES section of the Village Comprehensive Plan.

After the presentation, members of the EHH Committee and of the village board one-by-one offered comments that were unanimously in support of the committee’s conclusions and recommendations.

“After nine months [of work] I have definitely concluded that to do nothing is a bad option,” said committee member Bill Zupan.

Committee member Ted Bartlett said the nine months’ of meetings were “very productive and sometimes loud,” and he urged the village board to allow the next step in the process to take place. “I would like to see us go to the next step. In nine months we have accomplished a lot,” he said. “I’m interested in getting experts in to tell us how to do this.”

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