Three to vie for gavel

Danaher, Hughes, Palazzoli announce candidacy for Fayetteville justice

“I understand what it means to be a justice and I understand how to read the law,” she said. “I am not a practicing attorney. This is an advantage for me because it means I will have no foreseeable conflicts of interest due to the practice of law. I will not be forced to recuse myself and pass the cases on to another judge or to the town. In short, it helps me keep Fayetteville cases where they belong: in Fayetteville.”

A volunteer member of the Fayetteville Fire Department since 1998, which she said is an important advantage.

“When arrests are made at two in the morning, the police need a judge who will get out of a warm bed to come out and tend to the needs of Fayetteville,” Palazzoli said. “During my years in the Fayetteville Fire Department I have proved countless times that I am willing to get up any time of the night to fulfill my responsibilities. A village justice who will consistently respond when called, whenever called, will keep village cases in the village and minimize the number of cases turned over to the town.”

Palazzoli is also a costume designer for the Syracuse City Ballet and Sterling Renaissance Faire.

“Not only do I live and volunteer in the village, I work in the village as well,” she said. “After all, arrests don't always happen at 2 a.m. Sometimes they happen in the middle of the day. I work in the village, not downtown, so I am available when needed in the daytime too. Why is this important? Honestly, when an officer makes an arrest [she or he] is not taken off the street longer than necessary to chase down a justice who might be in his office downtown, might be in court, might be in a meeting or might be unavailable. I live here. I work here. I am available to the police at any time of the day or night nearly every day of the year because almost everything I do is right here in Fayetteville.”

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