Dialogue on women’s reproductive rights set at museum

Gage house receives grant

— Roesch- Wagner tested out three different dialogue topics during the past year and discovered that reproductive choice was absolutely the discussion that she wanted to start out this nationally recognized dialogue with.

“It is an issue dividing the country as perhaps no other issue is. We tend to isolate ourselves with the internet and through our friendship circles with people who think like we do. And we often don’t get a chance to raise the issue. It needs to be talked about someplace safe and someplace that welcomes a diversity of opinion.”

Roesch-Wagner believes that she and the rest of the Gage house employees have done their best to make the museum the best spot possible for the upcoming dialogues. She doesn’t expect everyone who attends to walk away with a certain idea or thought process- she just wants for people to listen to each other.

“Success would be if each person comes away having understood why someone who holds a different opinion than they do holds that opinion. And understanding it well enough so that they could repeat that opinion and respect the person’s right to have that opinion.”

There will be 4 different sets of dialogues meeting 4 different times over the course of a month. The first session meets on Thursdays and starts Jan. 13. For a list of all dialogue meeting dates and times, visit matildajoslyngage.org or call 637-9511.

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