Honestly! The power of words

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As we luckily skirted the apocalyptic Mayan Calendar Death Sentence we faced on Dec. 21, we can now look forward to a new year. To some, the unlucky number 13 will be heading the page in every date they write this year, putting even more of a damper on their already unhappy existence. And, to others — the unbelievers of bad luck, curses and folklore — 2013 will flow from their lips in glee, as we all find words to impress and improve, comfort and care, love, share, spread sentiment, to lift up and support, compliment and flatter.

If we laugh and rejoice, spread cheer and goodwill, utter words of peace, be content, care for and look out for each other, we will all have a happy and healthy new year ... I give you my “word” on it!

It is with great sadness, but proud motherly love, that I bid farewell to our fearless editor Pierce Smith. As he is moving on — to maybe not greener but certainly more lucrative pastures — I wish him all the best in this crazy world we live in.

He will be sorely missed as his hand put to paper will no longer tell our tale. Leaving school and board meetings, local stories, parades and whatever to come for our next chief to ponder, he moves into this next exciting chapter of his life with a fond farewell and the love of a town.

Good luck, Pierce. We’ll miss you.

More downstate honesty next week.

Valentina Heishman is a Cazenovia resident, artist and contributing columnist for the Cazenovia Republican. She can be reached at vdkcm5@hotmail.com.

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