EHH releases report on future of Cazenovia VES

Formed by a resolution of the Cazenovia Village Board in March 2012, the Economic Health and Heritage Committee (EHH) has met monthly for nine months to review the current planning and zoning for the Village Edge South (VES) zone.

Each of the meetings has been open to the public, and recent meetings in particular have included a good dialogue between the committee and interested members of the public.

The EHH summarized its discussions and findings during its Nov. 27 meeting. That discussion was captured in a draft report that was circulated to the members of the EHH on Dec. 11. Input and revisions from members of the committee was then integrated into the attached report dated Dec. 18.

The EHH looks forward to the opportunity to discuss the report with the village board and members of the public during the public hearing which is slated for approximately 6:50 p.m. on Jan. 7.

The report submitted to the Cazenovia Village Board by the EHH is as follows:

The group has reached consensus on a number of issues and feels that the next logical step will be to begin drawing upon outside expertise and professional assistance to develop the detailed language and procedures that will ultimately be needed. Before shifting to this phase, the committee feels it is important for the Cazenovia Village Board of Trustees to acknowledge its work to date and authorize the more formal process of developing specific recommendations for language which could be used to update the VES section of the Comprehensive Plan and ultimately the zoning and regulations applicable to VES.

Overview: The bucolic setting and character of the existing agricultural lands included in VES present a popular image at the village edge; however the property is sited in a logical area for development. Appropriate development of VES has the potential to be a positive undertaking for the village and surrounding community. EHH feels that any development of VES must be compatible with Cazenovia’s distinctive rural upstate town and village character while at the same time offering beneficial economic enhancement opportunities.

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