A fulfilling friendship

College Application Essay

Quiet nickers and sweet smells greet me as I walk towards the pasture. I feel completely at ease; all distracting emotions drifting away on the gentle breeze that sweeps through the treetops.

The chain clatters against the metal gate as I open it. My horse immediately walks to where I stand waiting. His innocent and soulful eyes bear into mine, stripping me of any barrier I had up that day.

I can’t help but smile at him; I breathe in his scent as he gets closer. When he reaches me, he puts his head down into my chest, breathing in my scent as well. Our silent greeting, one only he and I share.

I run my hand along his soft, white fur before attaching the lead line to his halter. We walk to the barn together, side by side, step by step. No noise but the patter of our feet and our near inaudible breathing. I put him in his stall while I get ready for our ride.

As I put on my boots and my half chaps, I can hear the thankful crunch of his hay. A sound that that is as soothing as a lullaby to me. I get out my brushes and my helmet before finally putting him on the cross ties to groom him.

It is so quiet. Such a peaceful quiet. We don’t need words, because I understand him, and he understands me. I run the brush along his neck, smoothing any out of place hairs. His eyelids droop in pleasure.

As I move about, his ears are always directed towards me, listening. Always ready to complete any command I ask of him.

The strong smell of leather comforts me as I finish tacking him up. We are ready to ride. We move in-synch across the arena. Speaking a different form of our silent language. A bump of my leg and we move faster, a pull on the reins and we slow down.

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