COLUMN: Reflecting on the last two years

From the Editor

As 2012 comes to an end and we all have the chance for a fresh start in 2013, I will be looking forward to a new beginning.

I gave more-than-a-month’s notice to Eagle Newspapers Publisher David Tyler, however I ask the faithful readership to let this act as my two-week-notice. I have immensely enjoyed the time I spent as editor of the Cazenovia Republican, and will dearly miss the comforts of my beloved hometown, but have decided to branch out and move to a larger market — Boston, Mass.

The next issue, to be released Jan. 2, will be my last as editor.

While my plans have yet to officially solidify, I am currently exploring opportunities with news publications and marketing agencies of varying sizes in the greater Boston area. A number of my fellow Cazenovia High School Class of 2005 alumni are currently located there, and I feel confident this is the right move for me at this time in my life.

This decision comes after months of consideration, and though leaving is a fearsome thought, I am thankful to know I have the support of my family and the newfound friends I have made while in this capacity. I love Cazenovia, and plan to raise my own family here someday — but I feel as if I need to reside in a few different zip codes before settling down.

While this job (like any profession) has had its ups-and-downs, I was always able to “keep on keepin’ on” after encountering smiling faces and words of encouragement from local residents. Putting a paper together every week can be a formidable task, but knowing that the majority of people who found the Cazenovia Republican in their mailboxes actually read it — and maybe even enjoyed doing so — was enough to power me through each issue’s tribulations.

I plan to pack up my possessions and make the move mid-January, so I will still be around for a few weeks, tying up loose ends. I am anxious for this new, exciting chapter, and am calmed by the thought that I can always return to this safe-haven. After all, it’s just a five-hour drive away.

Thank you for reading.

Pierce Smith is editor of the Cazenovia Republican. He can be reached at 434-8889 ext. 338 or editor@cazenoviarepublican.com.

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