LETTER: Whorrall for mayor

Big Lie #2 is the latest round of publicity that makes it appear that the current mayor is responsible for the improvements to the Swan Pond, so dear to the hearts of all residents. I happen to know that board member, Abdo-Rott, was one of, if not the, prime mover of the Swan Pond project, started well before the current mayor was elected, and very nearly derailed by his incompetent meddling in procedures he seemed incapable of understanding. However, so far he is working hard on the big lie that instead of being an incompetent bungler, he is responsible for its success.

There are two big reasons why this mayor has to go:

Reason #1 is his demonstrated incompetence and seeming inability to understand the most rudimentary principles of village government and what it takes to govern successfully by working with a board to navigate through the different layers of town, county, state and their various requirements. So far the current mayor's only demonstrated competence has been navigating through things that, according to various press reports, can lead to police investigations. And that leads directly to:

Reason #2: While no one is perfect, the person whom we elect as mayor should be someone who is not only of demonstrable competence but someone known to be of the highest character and unquestionable integrity, someone whose character flaws and personal habits will not show up in the local news to reflect badly on them, and on the whole community they are supposed to represent. The mayor should also be someone who treats village employees with respect, who does not bully and harass others trying to cover his own mistakes and incompetencies.

It is very difficult for me to believe that village residents could seriously consider re-electing the current mayor. As someone with a vested interest in the community through one of its oldest service clubs, I want to add my voice of support for Paul Whorrall and the Citizens Party. This isn't a typical local election where we can put its importance on the back burner, where local issues don't seem as important as other things going on in our lives. This is important because it defines who we are as citizens of the Village of Manlius, NY. I do not want to be defined by the type of person characterized by our current mayor.

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