Thank you for finding lost coat

To the editor:

This is a letter of thanks to an unknown hiker.

On Sunday, Feb. 10, I was cross-country skiing in our beautiful Skaneateles Conservation Area, when my $200 Gore-Tex rain jacket fell out of my pack at some point on the trail. I didn’t discover it was missing until Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning I returned to the Conservation Area and re-traced my route in the long-shot hope that I might find it. I figured my chance of success was between zero and none, but it was a good day for a hike. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I found the jacket thoughtfully and carefully tied to the branch of a small tree at about six-feet above the ground, on a seldom used path that branches off the Red Trail, in a remote corner of the area. Certainly, whoever found it could have taken it home (finders keepers), in the reasonable belief that no one would come looking for it in that remote spot.

To whoever found it and tied it to the tree, thank you.



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