Health department shuts down dinner — what’s next?


Everyone who comes to this dinner pretty much knows the risks they are taking when trying out these dishes which range from snake, deer, bear, squirrel, woodchuck, goose, rabbit, road kill (who knows) and even crow. Yes, three years ago there was a crow dish where I can literally say that my son and I have eaten crow and it was more than warm.

So here we are again; a sensible law of monitoring the food supply served to the public that has gone amuck to shutting down potluck church dinners open to the public where there is no fee or money required to partake in. I am sure everyone there felt good about our hard earn tax dollars at work.

Is government by an elite group superior to a government for, by and of the people? Have we lost our belief in the capacity for self government? Are we to confess that a few "intellectual" elite in a distant government office can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves? Was there an agenda here to ruffle a few gun owner feathers? Are we to all eat crow on this and take it lying down with only seven bullets in our magazines? Time will tell.

People have become accustomed to having to ask permission from their government before they do anything. It used to be the other way around. Our elected representatives rely almost totally on un-elected bureaucrats to complete executive and legislative regulations to be so pervasive that the Church or community potluck supper is now illegal just because they are reaching out to serve the community. Providing pies, brownies and cookies at blood drives are now illegal also. Forget the chili contests unless all the dishes are cooked at a pre-approved certified kitchen by the department of health. What next? Will the department of health be given authority to inspect your suppers at home to insure the safety of the children? You laugh or think this to be absurd. I would have thought the same about potluck dinners five-to-10 years ago too.

Coffee was served after the fine presentation of turkey and goose hunting along with the Gospel message which at least four and maybe more men committed their lives to Christ. And yes, the coffee was boiled and safe for all to drink.



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