Dudzinski gets county leg. nod

— “I did get an email earlier [Thursday] afternoon announcing that was going to be her decision,” Corl said. “I was actively pursuing the appointment, but I understand that it was ultimately her decision.”

Corl and Mahoney exchanged emails after the decision was announced.

The vacancy, which does not yet exist, will occur when Meyer, a Republican, resigns to take a position with the county Veterans’ Administration. The third district covers the town of Cicero and part of the town of Manlius, but Manlius’s Republican committee deferred to Cicero’s for the nomination.

According to the email sent to the candidates, Mahoney chose Dudzinski for the position in order to avoid the elevation of Deputy Supervisor Jessica Zambrano, a registered Democrat, to the position of supervisor.

“I heard from about 50 people, many of them Cicero Republican Committee members,” Mahoney wrote. “While the majority were to endorse a candidate, there was also a concern from a good number of them that an appointment of Jim would elevate a non-Republican to the role of supervisor. That is something many members of the committee indicated they did not want.”

Mahoney emphasized that her decision was made in order to maintain the best interests of the Republican Party.

"I don't want to perpetuate this wrong impression that I'm somehow working against the party," the county executive told the Star-Review. "I'm working with the party. That's what this was about."

The email also expressed a concern that there was no “consensus candidate.”

“I wanted to work within the Cicero committee process... It became clear that there is a divided committee and no consensus candidate,” Mahoney wrote. “After meeting with Chet, I was impressed by his willingness to put his self-interest behind that of the group as a whole. He and I discussed the concerns of the committee people and he indicated that he was willing to spare the committee the potentially divisive process of a contested vote tonight. He agreed to withdraw his name from consideration. In addition, he also agreed to finish Bill Meyer’s term which will honor the wishes of the committee members who did not want to elevate a non-Republican to the role of Supervisor. Chet said that he will not plan to run for re-election and that clears the way for the committee to move forward and endorse Jim Corl Jr. tonight and he can begin his campaign in earnest.”

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