2012 ESM grad hoping to shoot movie in Syracuse

Chris Steinberger starts campaign to raise the money to make it possible

Chris Steinberger sits in an editing suite at Onondaga Community College.

Chris Steinberger sits in an editing suite at Onondaga Community College. Allie Wenner

— Whether the movie actually gets made depends on one thing-if he can raise the $6000 he needs by the end of February to be able to shoot the movie. Steinberger has chosen a website called Kickstarter, which is essentially a place for people with ideas that need funding to get those funds directly from their audience.

The bad news is that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal. Steinberger either has to raise over $6000 he receives nothing and the movie can’t be made. However, he says it’s the best option for his movie because he doesn’t want to have to go through a studio or try to find an investor. More often than not, he says, the ideas get changed around and the art behind the project is destroyed.

“Kickstarter links the audience to the artist and if you want to see something made, you can give money to have it made. You cut out the middle man and become a part of the idea. It’s cool because it lets us have direct contact with our audience,” he said.

Through Kickstarter, Steinberger is giving away prizes to those who contribute to funding the movie. The amount of money people donate determines what prize they get- it could be anything from a thank you in the credits, to a CD of the score, to an appearance in the movie as an extra.

If all goes well and the movie gets funded, Steinberger starts shooting on Mar. 1 and continues through the end of May. He’s already been in talks with the city of Syracuse to allow him to shoot scenes downtown and near Onondaga Lake Park. When asked whether he’s worried about balancing school, his job as an in-house media producer at RB Innovations, and the movie, he shrugs.

“My entire schedule is packed with school, work, and then I work on the movie after that. It’s pretty much been like that since October. As soon as I have free time I spend it on the movie. And I love it.”

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