2012 ESM grad hoping to shoot movie in Syracuse

Chris Steinberger starts campaign to raise the money to make it possible

Chris Steinberger sits in an editing suite at Onondaga Community College.

Chris Steinberger sits in an editing suite at Onondaga Community College. Allie Wenner

— Steinberger knows more about the filmmaking process than most of his classmates because he was able to experience it for himself during his first internship during winter break last year. His high school TV production teacher passed along some of his short films to one of his connections and Steinberger was offered the chance to be a production assistant on the set of “Adult World,” a movie filmed in Syracuse last winter starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts.

He said learned a lot from the experience and was given the same responsibilities as Syracuse students, many of whom were three or four years older than him. He even got to talk with Emma Roberts a handful of times.

“Mostly she wanted to know why I would want to spend my entire high school break working on a movie,” he said, laughing.

From that internship, Steinberger was able to make connections within the industry, which were there for him when he needed help putting “Iris” together. Although he wrote the entire script himself, he relied on friends and connections to help edit and consult him through the scriptwriting process.

“It wasn’t until after the script was done when I realized ‘this is something I want to make and I definitely need to bring the big guns to help out,’” he said.

And that’s exactly what he did. Steinberger began by calling “Adult World” crew members and sending his script along to connections here in Syracuse. He said all of them were as excited about it as he was and even volunteered to work on the set for free.

Steinberger then spent hours pouring through Syracuse films to find just the right actors for the movie. He began messaging actors on facebook and posting craiglist ads to get the word out. It took a while, but he’s pleased with the entire cast.

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