Kicking off the New Year right

— Eat breakfast. Please eat breakfast. It is a sure fire way of sparking your metabolism. Your body has no choice but to rev up and begin the digestion process. People then say, “Well, if I eat breakfast, I am hungry in a few hours, and I will want to eat again.” Perfect. Congratulations, your metabolism is working. Have a light, nutritious snack and keep that fire going.

Eat less. If you find yourself going back for second helpings or eating your entire plate of food in 10 seconds, then you are overeating. Slow down, take small bites, chew your food before swallowing it and take a breath between bites. This will give your brain a chance to receive a signal from your stomach that food is on its way and the hunger sensation is dissipating. You will eat less if you take your time to enjoy a meal. Try to not to reach a “full” sensation in your stomach. Instead look for the “absence of hunger.”

This article is not meant to serve as the solution to all the fitness and dieting dilemmas you may have, but it can serve as reassurance that small, consistent efforts matter. You can be successful without being the “fitness freak” or “the perfect dieter.” Life is a “jog” in both the fitness and dieting arena. If you go to quick, you will burn out. If you set a nice pace, you will last. Evaluate one day at a time or one week at a time. Give yourself kudos for the improvement you have made each day and then hang onto that positive change. Pretty soon it will be “normal” or “habit.” And guess what? If you do that all year long, you will never have to make a New Year’s resolution again.

Happy “easing” into your New Year.

Kerry Dal is the registered dietitian for OCM-BOCES.

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