Kicking off the New Year right

— Get some help and/or find a buddy. If you are not sure how to exercise safely or effectively, please enlist the services of a certified personal trainer. You may not need more than a few sessions to get you started on the right track. Even following exercise videos is better than “winging it” on your own. Either way, it is well worth the money you will spend to make sure you do not get injured or waste your valuable time exercising ineffectively. If you know how to exercise, find a friend that wants to exercise with you. You are more likely to keep your exercise commitment and work out longer.

Exercising even two times per week for the rest of your life is far more beneficial than working out every day for just one month out of every year of your life. Over 10 years you will have had 1,040 exercise sessions at two times per week, and only 300 sessions being the ”January Warrior” every year.


There is no such thing. Do not begin a diet. Think of it as a “menu makeover” instead. As soon as you put yourself in a strict box or “on a wagon,” you are more likely to fail to comply or “fall off.” Start with the basics of making better food choices, most of the time. We all know what good food choices are — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy products. Buy them, stock them, pack them and eat them throughout the day. Depend on your own food as much as you can; avoiding the drive-through and vending machine is always a good idea. Do not give up junk food if you like it; simply eat less of it. Ten percent of your overall calories coming from non-nutritive foods is a good benchmark to use (usually about 150 to 200 calories per day).

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