Along the Lakeshore: Dec. 11

We were dropped off and later picked up because Jay lives about a half mile from the school. The band marched in and settled into their spot in the bleachers. The game got underway and our team scored quickly with a strong running attack. Fans of the Westerly Bulldogs sitting in front of us said that the Bulldogs had only three seniors from last year’s team.

Halftime arrived and the Stonington flag team, dressed in white tunics which ended about nine inches above the knees, marched in front of the bleachers with the shiny gold flags fluttering in the wind and the sun glistening on the outfits and flags. It was a very handsome spectacle. The 24-girl cheerleaders did their thing on the 50-yard line in the center of the field. They did not have much more coverage than the flag girls. The band marched down to the center of the bleachers and played a couple of numbers. I walked down and saw the lonely mellow horn with green-toed sneakers tooting away.

The aluminum seats were a tremendous heat drain and we eventually felt we had done our part for the day. Too many years of football in the Carrier Dome made us forget the necessity of having an insulated pad.

Irene picked us up and we resumed our Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Meanwhile, Stonington won the 102nd game 35 to 20. The whole experience seemed to be like living a Norman Rockwell cover picture.

We returned to Skaneateles Friday and were rewarded with SU winning a very exciting game at the Dome.

Joseph Spalding is a long-time Skaneateles resident who enjoys sharing his observations about the Skaneateles lakeshore and community. He can be reached at 685-6937.

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