Skaneateles native receives financial backing for social media website

ChronicleMe allows people to post secrets, funny stories anonymously

ChronicleMe.com was launched this year by Skaneateles native Anthony Richichi.

ChronicleMe.com was launched this year by Skaneateles native Anthony Richichi.

In a day and age when there are hundreds of thousands of websites on the Internet, a Skaneateles-native thinks he has an idea that could be the next big thing.

Anthony Richichi launched his social media website ChronicleMe (chronicleme.com) in October. The site allows users to anonymously post personal secrets in a safe environment.

Richichi said he first had the idea for ChronicleMe while in his dormitory at Phillips Exteter academy in New Hampshire. After getting some big news, he wanted to share it with others, but was hesitant to post on Facebook or other public sites.

“When you post anything on social media you are susceptible to the eyes of millions and millions of people, I wanted to tell my closest friends and my closest relative of my struggle selectively, but I didn’t want to expose myself to the viral nature of social media,” he said.

ChronicleMe allows people to share genuine thoughts or stories without the public nature of social media and without the possibility for cyber-bullying present on most message board platforms.

Users of the site make an account and are able to make 300-character anonymous posts on one of two web pages within ChronicleMe: Laugh and Support. Laugh is for humorous, light-hearted stories, while support posts tend to be more serious and could include what Richichi calls “deep dark secrets,” dealing with issues such as substance abuse.

The anonymity of the site allows users to be truthful and authentic with their comments, Richichi said.

“We as social media users today seldom express authenticity and vulnerability because we fear the repercussions of doing so. We post what other people want to see, we post only things that are perfect because we know everybody is watching,” he said.

Similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, users have two options to click when viewing others’ posts on the site. In ChronicleMe Support the options are IFFY (I feel for you) and ICU (I completely understand). In ChronicleMe Laugh offers Hi5 (high five) and NVU (I envy you).

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